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It's easy to turn up the power with the EXTREME JUNIOR. Lighter and easier to handle than the adult EXTREME models this oversized teardrop-shaped racquet is for juniors aged 10 or older who want more power. It's made with Power Foam while the fiberglass hitting surface ensures a softer feel and touch and the Innegra technology enhances shock absorption and stability. To extend the racquet's lifetime it comes with the Integrated Protector System a pre-molded carbon bumper which protects against chips and scratches. Juniors will love the fresh EXTREME design.

Squashschläger Extreme Junior 2023 + 12 Griffbänder

Artikelnummer: 724794655320
CHF 100,00 Standardpreis
CHF 85,00Sale-Preis
Nur noch 9 verfügbar

Bei jedem Kauf eines Squash Schlägers erhältst du einen Jahresvorrat an Overgrips ( 12 Stück / CHF30) Kostenlos dazu. 


Ein neues Griffband am Schläger kann deine Performance auf dem Squash Court um 10 % steigern. 

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